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Just let me know if you want to be friends. I love to meet new people!
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Hi! I came across your journal via friends'-friends. I've friended you, if you don't mind.
AWESOME! Welcome. I'll friend you right now.
hello! we have some mutual interests and friends(mostly drama-related:) so I'm adding you.
Consider yourself friended!


July 31 2009, 04:26:13 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  July 31 2009, 04:41:40 UTC

Hi! I stumbled across your lj when I was looking up information on Exhibition of Fireworks. I like writing random things about dramas too, so I've friended you, if you don't mind.

PS: I have like, no friends. So it would totally validate me as a person if you would friend me back. Just sayin'. :p
Oh Exhibition of Fireworks, how you disappointed me!

I always love meeting new people who like dramas. Consider yourself friended! :D
Can i be added?
We both like jdramas! ^^
Let's be friends! We both like dramas and have a few lj friends in common! :)
Awesome! **friended**
Please add me, I really like your views!
Hi! I enjoy reading your journal. I first came here because you were one of the few people I could find talking about Vineyard Man <3.

Haha I feel a bit awkward introducing myself - I've never made any lj friends, and I want to get to know people.

I'd really like to be friends if you want. :D
I don't know how I missed this! Of course I'll be lj friends :D


7 years ago

Okay, I just saw your comment in ambergold's lj at her post about BB episode 5 and I thought, well let's check out her lj since she likes BB ;) and I find your lj and mine are layout twins! LOL!

Well, I also like Yamapi and BB and jpop and dramas... so I think we could be friends if you want to?

Obviously you have GREAT taste, how can I not friend you?

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Of course not! I'm adding you back.
Hey, I hope its okay I added you! I think we like a lot of the same dramas.
Of course! I'll add you back.
Hello! I like your posts about dramas, we share the same interests. :) I hope you don't mind me adding you!
Not at all! I'm friending you back :)
hey i friended ya; drama-fandom is like that. :)
Excellent! Friended you back.
can we become friends? you seem to also watch a lot of tv shows and dramas^^

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