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I've really been awful about this Livejournal thing. I blame the fact that I haven't really been watching any dramas. I'm on episode 11 of Rooftop Prince and that's pretty much the only show I've been watching since my last update. I'm pretty pumped about watching Big simply because of the Gong Yoo/Lee Min-jung/Hong Sisters trifecta. I hope it doesn't suck. Someone tell me it doesn't suck.

Dramas have kind of fallen by the wayside because any tv I've been watching has been with other people (two sisters - one bonus one is living with us this summer). And dramas are kind of a niche thing, you know? So, when I do have alone time I have to decide between dramas or books and reading's been winning out as of late. I finally got around to reading A Dance With Dragons or whatever the lastest ASOIAF book is called. What a waste of my time. I wish I could understand why that book needed to be so long when NOTHING HAPPENED. Maybe I'll just stick to summaries in the future, since I still vaguely care about what happens to Arya and Sansa.

And then I did an A:TLA rewatch. But now my plate it clear! I am determined to finish Rooftop Prince. Although, I could very well get distracted by Big. WHO KNOWS. Time will tell. But, I've crossed the halfway point with RP despite it kind of boring me. Hopefully it picks up again. I still wish it was just a show about Park Ha and the three sidekicks. The prince and Se-na can go be on another show as far as I'm concerned.

SUMMER TV! I'm finishing up a rewatch of True Blood's last season before I start the next. I also have Bunheads on dvr, so I hope that's fun. I'm really only checking it out because of Amy Sherman-Palladino. Besides Pretty Little Liars I tend to steer clear of ABC Family shows. Jane by Design makes me watch to kill puppies.

Work has been pretty great. I got a raise so that's super. I'm supervising people which is a little scary but also cool? I want to be a good manager, but I'm dealing with some big internal battles because I don't want people to hate me. I just need to get more comfortable with confronting people when they do things wrong instead of going behind the scenes and cleaning it up for them. It just sometimes seems easier if I do everything because I know it's going to get done correctly... but it also makes my life kind of impossible.

As far as summer plans go I think I'm going to go on a cemetery tour! Sounds fun, right? :D I've inherited a bunch of family genealogy information. It's all in binders, so I've made it my mission to move everything into the digital world. It's all from my dad's side of the family and mostly his father's side. I have information going back to 1860, when they packed up and moved from Virginia to Illinois via Indiana. I have much, much less on my grandmother's family. So once I get all of my paternal grandfather's information squared away I'd love to delve into that and really learn how to research this whole ancestry thing. Because I really have no idea where to start when it comes to that. There is all kinds of conflicting/incomplete information out there. I think people just said whatever they wanted when the census came to town.

Anyway, I want to go get shots of tombstones because I'm creepy like that.

EDIT: OH ALSO! I wanted to catch up on everything I've missed, since I haven't even been ON this website in ages. And it wouldn't let me go past 120 entries on my friends list! D:
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You've missed the awesomeness that was Queen In-Hyun's Man - does that count?

And Big is looking to be a really excellent show. Mellow first episode but really funny after that!

Genealogy stuff is so complicated but fascinating. My dad's been working on ours but hit a wall with my great-grandfather - his name isn't on anything - not even my grandfather's birth certificate. Seems great-grandma was a southern-belle and turned up pregnant (either a fiance who died in WWI or one-night-stand with a soldier) and got shipped off to Philadelphia in shame where she met and married a gentleman who adopted her out-of-wedlock baby. So my maiden name - the name that I have an aunt who obsessively collects Irish-shields and such for - is by adoption and there's not a drop of Irish blood in us. At least, not via that route.
OH! Queen In-Hyun's Man is the drama I've seen all sorts of delicious kissy gifs for on tumblr. Is it a good show? I'd say I'd be in just based on the kissing, but I got burned pretty bad by Lie to Me in that department. But I'll totally check it out if it's entertaining on top of that.

It's REALLY interesting. One of my great aunts did a TON of leg work on my paternal grandfather's side. There were eight siblings that made the move from Virginia and she compiled all of the branches descending from them. So, a lot of the work is done for me. Once you try and figure out the stuff before 1860 though it get's difficult, because you only get the names for the head of household in the census.

I'm solid Irish on my mom's side, so I was surprised to learn that my paternal grandmother's grandfather is probably Irish. I can't tell if he ever married my grandma's grandma, but they had two kids who took his last name. But I'm getting differing reports that he was from Ireland, England, and possibly Pennsylvania. I'm guessing he died, because she remarried. I'd love to know what happened to him. All i have are a few handwritten notes that give his name in the tree, no sources so that's a little frustrating. I need to learn more about how to research beyond
QIHM was amazing. A solid story that actually went someplace. They didn't bring things up just to forget about them or throw anything in just to keep the story moving - it all fit together perfectly. You can tell the writers knew what they were doing the entire time. And the romance/chemistry is definitely what got everyone hooked. ;) It's 1000 times better than Lie To Me.

Isn't it interesting how formalities like legal marriage and such weren't as adhered to? Same with adoption, etc. My grandfather's birth certificate doesn't even have HIS name on it. It just says Baby Boy Pickins. And we learned that my great-uncle was adopted into our family after his family was wiped out by the 1918 flu pandemic. My grandfather never even knew that.

Wish I knew how to help you search. I know my father has made trips to historical libraries and the birth town of my great-grandmother trying to figure out our big mystery.
That's really exciting! I'm ready to fall in love with a drama. I feel like nothing has really clicked with me since I watched Scent of a Woman. I thought Rooftop Prince might be it, but it faltered around episode 7 for me. I'm still waiting for it to get back on it's feet.
Yeah, Rooftop Prince had all the potential and then it kinda ground to a halt. It gets back on track eventually. I'll be interested in hearing what you think of the ending.
Congrats on the raise! Btw, do you have a goodreads account? And thank you again for the card and call! <3
You're welcome! I'm glad you had a nice birthday!

I do not have a goodreads account, is it for tracking your reading?
Yup and you can share what you've read and want to read with friends.
120? lucky you. I only have 9 and it won't let me go further back. I have no idea how to look for stuff I've missed.
LOL, I guess I shouldn't complain then :D
The only way would be to go to each individual person's page and back-track from there.