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I finally managed to finish Rooftop Prince...

Well, that was a waste of my time. The show that I fell in love with those first six episodes was nowhere to be found the rest of the 20 episodes. What was a delightful mixture of wacky time-travel hijinks and a potentially interesting murder mystery devolved into yet another boring tale of corporate scheming.

I didn't sign up to watch people fight over a home shopping network, that didn't really have any relevance to ANYONE. It didn't help that I really didn't care about the main couple one way or another. I never saw Yoochun in anything before, and while I hear he stepped up his game acting wise, I was left pretty unimpressed. Though that could have been the character, because he did have to play the straight man to his three sidekicks. And while he did have glimpses of personality, I just wasn't drawn into his performance.

Now, I loved Han Ji-min in Capital Scandal. And I've always meant to check out other stuff she's done. I started Padam Padam but it kind of fell by the wayside (has anyone else finished it? Is it worth checking out?). But again, while I enjoyed much of her performance, the whole romance storyline left me cold. Which isn't great in a romantic-comedy.

But then, it wasn't really a romantic comedy. So I shouldn't be surprised. Really, I'd like to know what the writer was thinking spending 10+ episodes on who was going to inherit that pointless business. Our choices were an imposter, who was going to get sent back in time eventually and the embezzling attempted murderer. What a wealth of choices!

It was amusing to me how Tae-mu's character devolved so much throughout the run of the show. By the final episode he was just the mustache-twirling evil half-brother who may have uttered one line. The actor sure got a good workout when it came to his eyes. I don't remember the last time I've seen someone bug them out quite so much.

This show was just a complete mess. And I can forgive that if there is something. Like, with Lie to Me at least the leads had chemistry and I enjoyed their time together. With Rooftop Prince I just wanted to fast forward through all the hand holding and teary eyes so I could see someone get hit with a car or fall down some stairs.

I just browsed through the episode recap on Dramabeans, and she seemed pleased with the resolution to the whole thing. I was completely underwhelmed. First, they should have revisited the Joseon timeline more. Maybe send Park-ha back there. Something. There was a lot of potential there for drama, intrigue, AND humor. Instead it was relegated to the first and last episodes. Why even have it if there isn't going to be any real consequences with the timeline? It just seemed like a waste. And everyone believing Bu-yong's body was the crown princess'? Did they, I don't know, turn it over at some point?

The whole thing bummed me out. What a waste.

I'm through episode 6 of Big. It's OK. Although how they've managed to AIR six episodes without anything really happening is beyond me. Things appear to have picked up with episode 5, so I'm hoping the drama is finding it's groove. We'll see.
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