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My Girl

Cross-posted from my tumblr, because I'm lazy about blog entries and had a random bit of word vomit over there.

I have been such a sourpuss when it comes to dramas recently.  Nothing pleases me… mainly because everything I’ve watched has been mediocre at best.  Rooftop Prince switched from a comedic time-traveling murder mystery to a pointless battle over a company no one cared about.  Big was a mess from beginning to end, despite having two actors in the lead roles that I adore.  And now My Girl, a drama I’ve been meaning to watch since I got into this fandom, because 95% of the times I saw it mentioned, people loved it.

I did not.

I’m starting to think maybe I’m not the biggest Hong Sisters fan.  Perhaps I’m hanging on to the belief that I should be, because I loved Hong Gil Dong (until those blasted final four episodes), Fantasy Couple, and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (to a lesser extent than Fantasy Couple).  But Best Love, You’re Beautiful, Big, and now My Girl left me feeling fairly tepid.

I just never thought My Girl was that funny.  Sure, in the beginning there were some wacky, tangerine-related hijinks.  But then the pace just came to a dead stop for me a quarter of the way through the episode count.  Yoo-rin liked Gong-chan, he was trying to work on his relationship with Seo-hyun, then he realized he did like her. Yawn, yawn, YAWN. SNORE.

I liked Yoo-rin well enough and Gong-chan seemed like an okay dude.  But the story never drew me in. 

MY MAIN ISSUE, however, is with Gong-chan’s friend, the much-beloved through-out fandom secondary guy, Jung-woo.  I just do not understand why people wanted Yoo-rin to end up with this kid.  I hated him.  I’ve seen plenty of hate piled on Seo-hyun for being this “evil woman”.  But, she was in a relationship with Gong-chan.  And while she was a little overly interested in his close relationship with his supposed cousin, she WAS right to be, considering he was, in fact, in love with another girl.  She was hurt and spiteful and it was ugly to watch.  But I could at least understand what drove her character, even if I didn’t support her choices.  She, at least, was aware that was she was doing was petty.

Then there is Jung-woo, who knew Yoo-rin loved his friend.  He insisted she confide in him only to become bitter later on because she did (and the friendship medal goes too…).  He knew Gong-chan had feelings for her, but did everything in his power to steer them away from each other.  How dare Yoo-rin not return his feelings?  Might as well heap some more grief on her back about how she’s lying to the family and can never be with Gong-chan.  Yeah, super good friend.  Way to go.

Then, towards the end his whole proclamation about how he would take Yoo-rin to America with him, even if she protested.

Excuse me while I swoon.

Another favorite is him getting to punch Gong-chan because he feels so wronged (pictured over at my tumblr).  And Gong-chan apologized!  For what?

OH!  Or when he saw her again after a two year absence and was convinced that if she saw him before Gong-chan that she would love him instead.  Dibs on the girl!

A+ for douche-bag logic on that one.

I just… really didn’t like him and I hope he remains alone for the rest of his life.

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I know what you mean. I really liked My Girl but there were aspects...
I liked secondary guy but only cause he angsted very hotly. I sympathized in a "sucks to be in one-sided love" way but he put himself in that position by being a confidant of her when he knew she loved someone else. And the "first-dibs" thing at the end I just thought was sad/pathetic. Like clutching at pointless straws.
I mainly hated the entire time-skip, her-in-exile, ending. What the what? Grandpa spends the entire series regretting alienating his family only to literally repeat himself again. And finding the real granddaughter and keeping it secret? Oh, I was so pissed.
(But what did you think of the side-couples? I thought they were pretty cute.)
I didn't even want to get into my issues with the Grandfather. Because, honestly, he was just so awful and selfish... it almost leaves you speechless.

Oh the side couples were fine, but I never got invested in them like I have with other side couples (Hana Yori Dango, I'm looking in your direction). They were cute, but I wasn't clamoring for them to get more screentime or anything.
I absolutely never understood the love of secondary guy either. It actually boggled me. I thought he was selfish and a terrible friend. I swear he's one of the reasons I'm so fixated on canon OTPs and generally can't get into secondary guys at all, lol. ;)

My Girl was cute in its way but it's not a drama I loved. It's not on a favourite list but it's one of the few Hong sister dramas that I can say, for the most part, I liked. I haven't seen My Girlfriend is a Gumiho but for me as well, HGD and Fantasy Couple, were the other two with HGD being the clear cut standout for me. I just don't care for how they tell their stories. And lately they don't even seem like they're trying at all.

MGIAG isn't spectacular, I just adored the character of Mi-ho a ridiculous amount. So, anytime she was on screen I was a happy camper. But I feel like the storyline made a lot more sense than say... Big. Which... didn't...
Maybe you can explain something to me, then. Why the timeskip disappearance thing at the end of MGIAG? I kinda understood why she disappeared. But I did not understand what changed for her to be able to come back?
- butts in -

it was the three gods grandmother lady who appeared at the end. she was the one who put miho in the drawing; according to her bc miho was trying to screw with the natural order of things she couldn't just let her stay, but since the original condition was to find a mortal who loved her and she had, she was eventually allowed to come back after a sort of purgatory period. it was very deux ex machina lol, but they were so adorable how're you supposed to care.
Ah, that explains it. Thanks.
i love this show, a lot, although i think partly that's bc when i watched it i was young and watched things a lot less critically and i imprinted. however. i can easily answer this: lee junki ('s tears/earring/smile/everything).
Oh, I know there are plenty of things I watched when I first got into dramas that if I watched them for the first time now I wouldn't be nearly the fan of them as I am. I was way easier to please.

Also, I just do not find lee jun ki that attractive...
that's true for me, but i also find my purview to have changed in general, so i've also seen character behaviour differently and liked things more than i used to. my love for my girl actually held up when i rewatched it around early last year.

gasp. :o augh, i love him dearly and i love his face. have you seen him in anything else?
I never liked Jung Woo either. He became MUCH too possesive near the end and I could not understand why everyone loved him so much!
And much too whiny. Boo-freaking-hoo.
Hong Sister's seem to have a knack for writing truly appalling secondary guys, except they are "Nice" guys and fandom loves and laments for them and I instead am left alone to be consumed with hate. Shin Woo from YAB was a classic example of this as well. Honestly with Hong Sisters they can really be hit or miss with me. I loved Delightful Girl, Best Love, and You're Beautiful but I wouldnt call any of them "good" dramas just mindless silly fun. I couldnt get into My Girl no matter how hard I tried, I just didnt like anyone and felt rather bored tbh. I couldnt get into Gumiho either, even tho it was v cute but I just couldnt get emotionally invested in a drama about a buffoon falling in love with a fox demon of all things.
I never saw Hong Gil Dong nor Fantasy Couple. I feel like I'd love the heroine in Fantasy Couple but literally would enjoy nothing else, mostly because I despise the premise and message of Overboard even if the drama version is less horrible becuz it involves no annoying boy children. Big was a boring as hell waste of space from the word go. The only enjoyment I had out of it was the first ep or two with cute little Shin Won Ho and then they switched to Gong Yoo and my interest plummeted 100%

You should try out Gaksital tho! It's very gripping and exciting, and while it has the occasional slower episode I'd say its been keeping a good and steady pace so far. I cant remember did u ever check out Flower Boy Band or White Christmas? I watched those both not too long ago and they were definitely worth your time! I feel like of all the dramas I've seen this year the only ones I truly enjoyed were Shut Up Flower Boy Band, History of a Salaryman, Gaksital and maybe Queen In Hyun's man.